Who are my characters? | My friend, Daniel

Here’s a little intro to the characters within my upcoming short-film…


Tom is the protagonist in my story, we follow him throughout the plot. He’s held back, awkward and still in the closet to his colleagues.

Tom has come from a family with a poorer background. Living on an average street in an average town, he played football for the local under 16s club until it slipped out that the way gay, after which he didn’t return. That’s when the bullying started. It wasn’t overt homophobic bullying as such, but he’d often stay in the school library and study until later in the evening to avoid seeing other people he knew on his walk home. Fortunately, the countless hours of extra studying have paid off for him.

Angry that the world wasn’t fairer to him, he’s now on a mission to get to the top of the career ladder. He’s hopped a few jobs in his time, but now at age 28, he’s working in the Marketing Team for a Nottinghamshire-based broadband company that aims to compete with the big companies that have a monopoly over the market. Currently, Tom is struggling to pitch his marketing strategy to the board.

Note – Previously I had Tom down as a 29-year-old working in marketing for an insurance startup in London. This was changed as it wasn’t believable enough to me that he felt insecure about his sexuality in such a liberal environment.


Along the way, Tom found his partner Daniel – 29, a relocated-Mancunian now based in Nottingham. Daniel undertook a degree in Media Studies. Between his part-time work in the Creative Quater and freelance video work on the side – he’s pretty stretched, but always finds time for Tom.

They first found each other on Instagram. Long live #Instagay. Tom liked his picture, and he liked Tom’s back, Tom liked another, he liked another back. Then they started talking. A few months later, they started talking again and got together, shortly after that they found a flat to rent together in The Park, Nottingham and they’ve been living there for about 6 months now.

Daniel has a warm and confident nature, which Tom finds a lot of comfort in. Daniel’s not afraid to share emotions and he loves to tell stories and be the centre of attention, which is great because he’s a laugh and a half.

Daniel admires Tom for his passion to succeed and is thankful that Tom isn’t cruel like his ex-partner was.


Julie is the CEO of the Nottingham-based broadband company, OneMedia and has driven the company from nothing to thousands of customers in the county in just 3 years. After a recent grant from the local government’s Nottinghamshire Growth Fund, Julie has plans to take OneMedia nationwide.

Julie has a soft spot for Tom in Marketing and admires the progress he has at the firm. She’s often quite flirtatious with him too, which he usually laughs off or jokes about.

On the mission to expand her business, she sets Tom the task of pitching an acquisition strategy to her, which he will then have to execute. If he does well, she’s prepared to provide stock options to him. The pressure is on.

Outside of work, Julie lives on the outskirts of Nottingham with her wife Susan and their little girl, Evelyn.