2015 Has the Potential to be Incredible

It’s been 3 weeks now, and that slow, tedious January didn’t happen this year. I mean, January totally happened – but not in it’s usual fashion. It started with… oh wait, it started with somewhat of a hangover and a lack of sleep. Never mind. It continued with a lot of productivity; in terms of college work and university-related “things”. I’ve also got round to cooking some actual meals for myself, trying out some new music and tv, building my portfolio and, of course, keeping in contact with the people around me that paint my canvas – that let me do what I’m doing. Besides the continued heavy workload, I’m happy and I’m healthy. I believe 2015 will continue in this fashion. Let’s talk about that…

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Top 5 2014: Advancements

Now, I’m not the best person to talk to about politics, economics or technology, but I feel like I know a fair bit (particularly as technology is one of my biggest interests). So, today I’m going to take a punt and talk about some of the biggest advancements for humanity in 2014 as part of my “Top 5 2014” series of blogs & videos I’m running. This post is the 4th out of 5.

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Top 5 2014: New Music Artists

Every day up to and including New Years Eve I’m posting a new vlog/blog talking about my favourite things of 2014. So, continuing in said fashion, today I’m rating musical artists.

It would be pretty hard to pick the best artists this year because, well, who didn’t produce music this year? We’ve had everyone from Kylie Minogue to The Arctic Monkeys, Shakira to Slipknot and Jessie J to Foster The People. So I’m narrowing it down to new artists. I’m sure these people have all been making music for many years, but I’m focusing on the ones who have really exploded on to the scene this year.

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