Temporary is the new permanent

Solidity is lost, change is inevitable, and for me this seems to be one of the only constants. It’s exhausting, but wonderful at the same time. As a Millenniala generation of renters, techies and low-budget travel-goers – I know I’m not alone in this scenario.

This concept isn’t new, but it is one that has risen to and stayed on the surface for me recently, which makes plenty of sense given how much is going on for me. I’ve been all over, from one house to the next, from study to work, with people coming and going. It’s strange how things can change so quickly, and it can be a little uncomfortable not knowing where to call “home”.

I’m waiting for a point where it settles down, but very quickly realising that won’t come. At least, not in my early 20’s.

No – I’m not complaining, I’m happy being a nomad. I enjoy the rush, I love being exposed to so many new experiences, I’m grateful to have the education that I’ve had.

That said, it can be absolutely mind-boggling. I know I’m still young, I’m supposed to be busy, but it’s pretty scary to not know where I’m going sometimes.

A job for life, long term plans, tradition structures of living – they’re all quickly fading away as new discoveries, laws and business models shape new opportunities. It’s thrilling, in both a positive and fearful sense. We’re left rushing around, but not knowing where we’re going.

New businesses are quickly appearing to help us keep up. New ways of banking and financial management, like Starling, Mespo and MoneyBox, new services to help those in the rental market, such as Marks Out Of Tenancy, and new laws to protect those working in the gig economy are much more suited to our lifestyles and are great examples of this.

What I want to know is, does anyone else feel a little lost in it all sometimes? How does everyone else keep up?

That’s all for now.