10 Most Amazing Experiences Whilst Travelling Southeast Asia

Last month my friend, Evie, and I spent 3 weeks traveling Southeast Asia. I’d of loved to keep a daily blog of my experiences, but I was simply too busy taking it all in – and trust me, there’s a lot to take when travelling Asia – so I thought I’d share my absolute favourite experiences from my travels now, as a collection of tweets, BuzzFeed style.

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2015 Has the Potential to be Incredible

It’s been 3 weeks now, and that slow, tedious January didn’t happen this year. I mean, January totally happened – but not in it’s usual fashion. It started with… oh wait, it started with somewhat of a hangover and a lack of sleep. Never mind. It continued with a lot of productivity; in terms of college work and university-related “things”. I’ve also got round to cooking some actual meals for myself, trying out some new music and tv, building my portfolio and, of course, keeping in contact with the people around me that paint my canvas – that let me do what I’m doing. Besides the continued heavy workload, I’m happy and I’m healthy. I believe 2015 will continue in this fashion. Let’s talk about that…

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