Some Things To Do In 2015

So, we’ve been in 2015 for a week now and I wanted to talk about New Years resolutions, or rather – my lack of New Years resolutions…

I personally don’t enjoy the idea. If a New Year means a “new you” and that’s how you advance and feel better – that’s great- but resolutions simply don’t work for me. I can’t consistently keep up that promise, usually. In fact I’m quite used to setting goals to big for my reach and, if anything, not reaching said goal upsets me. Maybe my goal should be to focus on achieving a goal?

So, instead of setting a New Years resolution, here are some things that I should do soon because I need to do them, not because we +1’ed a year.

1. Be confident, again

Where did my confidence go? I need that back. It was an asset. I think perhaps I need to realise that I don’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to please everybody.

2. Learn to cook better meals

I really need to start cooking some better meals. Something that’s healthy and fulfilling, at least weekly. Healthy food seems to make me more productive too, which I will need when I’m in university. Plus, I need to show a particular somebody that I can cook, because so far my attempts have never really succeeded. Oh, and if I could find some healthier snacks rather than biscuits and chocolate, that’d be good too.

3. Organise, again

I’d say I’m a pretty well organised person; I keep my calendar up to date, I make good use of applications to manage my tasks, I keep things tidy – but I do feel as though my organisation dropped a little last year (perhaps due to having more duties?). I may have to prioritise some tasks and forget others, but I want get back into a habit of organising things and going through with them. When I’m organised I feel happier, too. Punctuality may also be something to consider improving.

4. Be Flexible

Plans change & promises get broken. I’ve got to let that go over my head. I shouldn’t imagine something and expect it to happen exactly that way, because it probably won’t and then I’ll get upset.

5. Get a proper sleeping pattern

I don’t think I’ve had a decent sleeping pattern for years to be quite honest, I often am awake past 1am. Maybe if I organise and prioritise my work load properly, I’ll be able to sleep at a decent time, thus allowing me to wake up at a suitable time and be more productive the following day. I just need to get into the habit.

I could go on. I’m a person which means I will always have things to improve, but I feel these are most important currently because they have the biggest effect my wellbeing. To be honest, I don’t really know the point I’m trying to make here, but I just needed to get these things off my chest because I think about them on the daily.