Push! You’re in London, baby…

If we’re connected on social media, then you’re probably aware that I recently moved to London and began a year-long internship with Starling Bank. Reflecting on my first month or so, I just wanted to touch on something I’ve noticed…

London, like any other bustling metropolis, requires you to push. Money will be tight, days will be long and crowds will be unavoidable. You’ve got to push through all of that.

I’ve known this for a long time and always been fairly comfortable with it, but in my few weeks of working in London I’ve realised something. This isn’t just an awkward shuffle that applies in crowded underground stations, it’s a mentality, an ideology. It’s the city approach to life.

It’s beautiful to have so much freedom to play with. You can wear what you want, eat where you want, love who you want, and all the rest of it. I think that’s something to be celebrated. It’s just – sometimes the freedom can be daunting.

It’s similar to the kind of daunting which I had after I passed my driving test and realised I can go anywhere. That’s a pretty big deal after being stuck in a tiny middle-of-nowhere village for so many years.

No – city life is no bad thing, but I just wanted to reflect on the “push mentality” for a moment. It’s something which I’m already embracing. I’m learning what’s good (and what’s bad), I’m learning where politeness works (and where it really doesn’t), I’m learning to love myself (or at least pretend to).

I’ve got big ideas waiting to go. Now I’m going to push.