Pratters 3.0 🚀

Sometimes you have to stay up until 6 am to get shit done, but now it’s here; I’ve updated the branding on my Pratters project. I’m calling it Pratters 3.0, purely because it’s the biggest rebrand since James Patters 2.0, but you can call it what you like.

So, what’s new?

The colours have pretty much stayed the same. There are 3 colours used in the logo to represent the third rebrand. I’ve used these colours before, but now I’m using a gradient because they are so hot right now. 🔥

I’m also going to start using a pink & dark blue gradient in the background more often because it brings out this beautiful, complimentary purple colour (which you can see above) and it looks damn good… I think. If you’ve read this far in you might as well share your opinions with me. 👋🏻

I’ve dropped the “JP” in this logo in favour of a simple “P” for Pratters. I’ve also dropped messy serif and script fonts and gone for a simple, bold Futura PT font because I believe it matches the content that I often post about on here (technology). I’m hoping to do this across the entire project soon, and I have a similar font on my Facebook Instant Articles already. Deliberately, I’ve not used a 3D effect, I’ve pasted the bi-colour “P” on top of the orange “P” to give the steps effect in the bottom, left corner. Quirky.

Now that’s done, I can focus on sharing some of my mad thoughts on the blog – I’ve been holding off until I launched this. I’ve also got a new video coming up on my YouTube channel. That’s all for now though. I hope you like it and I’ll be sharing more stuff soon! 💥