Our Democracy Needs Improving

When choosing who to vote for in the UK’s 2017 general election, you may be thinking things like “I support [candidate/party], but they won’t win here“, and then you may begin to ask yourself questions like,”How do I make my vote count?”, “What do I care about most and which of the largest parties in my area supports those things?“, or, “How do I stop [party leader] from entering Number 10?“. If you are thinking these things, you’re a victim of our not-so-great democratic process.

You may have even been lead to vote for a candidate based on shameful scare tactics. “If you don’t support us, you’ll get a coalition of chaos” and “[Party] can’t win here. Only a vote for us can stop [Other Party]…“, are soundbites you might recall.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Those in parliament should reflect all of the electorate, not just some of it.

Something I’ve picked up from my time at TEDxSurreyUniversity, is that ideas will change the world and they can come from anywhere. Obviously, ideas are better spread when we allow them to prosper and when we communicate effectively. So, when there’s an independent or small party candidate which really voices the concerns of the constituency and suggests good ideas, we should encourage them and put more of these people into parliament. Not least because it’s incredibly refreshing.

You’re probably well aware that we live in times of great political uncertainty, but with better represented people, comes a stronger and more stable society, and that benefits all of us. Especially as it keeps the bigger parties on their toes. I mean, is it any wonder that area like Wales and Sunderland voted to leave the EU by such an amount last year? I personally disagree, but I also understand that these people wanted to shock Westminster, they want their voices heard and it’s about time we do so.

Luckily, if you agree that your vote should matter more than it does, you’re not alone. The Green Party, The UK Independence Party, The Liberal Democrats, The Scottish National Party & Plaid Cymru and others have called or suggested support for a fairer system, according to Make Votes Matter. Labour have called for a consultation on the issue.

That’s all for today, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading & feel free to send me your thoughts. Speaking of constitutional reform…