Monthly Mixtape

I’m starting a new monthly blog post; about music & my life. Let’s talk about that…

Music is really important to me. It’s the beat that brings me up. It’s the lyrics that change my perspective. It’s the sound that protects me from the silence. It’s one of my most loyal companions.

I subconsciously associate music with emotions, life events, weather, people, locations, media pieces and various other things. Therefore, music can take me back. Music acts as a key to unlock those memories – be they positive or negative.

If you follow me on Twitter you may recall that I was thinking of doing a monthly diary called “James’ Journal”. I tried, but I was pushed for time so it wasn’t very well written, I blabbered on about rubbish and (if I’m honest) it was a bit depressing. Bit of a shambles really.

I wanted a way to record my life events and emotions, just so I can reflect on them in the future, and that’s why I’m starting this new blog post, hopefully once every month.

In it I will list some of my favourite songs, albums or artists from that month; they could be old or new, upbeat or downbeat, mainstream or indie – whatever. The rule is that I have to have a reason for them being there, which could be that I sympathise with the lyrics, that it just made me happy or that it reminds of something I did during that month.

I’ll include YouTube videos, so y’all can listen in and all of the songs will go into a public playlist on my YouTube channel under the same name: Monthly Mixtape.

It’ll kill two birds with one stone because I also hope you’ll enjoy some of my music recommendations. I’m not a music expert and I don’t claim to be. Instead, I’d like to think this is a creative and original way of keeping a diary – without throwing all my personal information into the wild. This is a new venture for me and my project.

So, stay tuned for January & February’s mixtapes in the next few days and I hope you enjoy them.