Monthly Mixtape | March

Time for another Monthly Mixtape. Let’s dive right in to my musical discoveries from March!

“Better At Making Time” – De Lux

My absolute favourite song that I found in March comes from L.A duo De LuxIt’s an infectious, feel-good track which has caused at least 10 semi-naked dance sessions this month… Whilst that image sinks in, why don’t you check out the video below? It’s actually quite commical. 🙂

I’ve been pretty happy throughout March. My parents came home from Singapore for a while, work got done, I saw friends, I went out-out and holiday planning commenced. So, this upbeat song is quite suitable, as is the semi-naked dancing. 😉

More from March

On the rest of the playlist you’ll find Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time“, which you may recognise from Orange is the New Black (I’ve just finished watching), and Shamir’s “On The Regular“, which is so weird that I love it. Even the video is crazy, but crazy-good.

There’s also Marian Hill’s “Got It“, which comes off as incredibly sassy on top of a sweet saxophone and an assertive bass to back the woman’s singing up. If bass-filled, jazzy blues and delicate vocals are what you’re after, Marian Hill has definitely got it! As I’m writing this blog up late (again), I can tell you that this isn’t the last time you’ll see this American duo in my Monthly Mixtapes.

Lastly, there’s Fergie’s “L.A.LOVE“. Yes, I know, Fergie has a LOT more talent than to be producing bassy, Californian pop, but I still quite like this song. She’s gone full on Pitbull, naming as many places as she knows in this track, but hey, Fergie is one foxy mamma and she’s still totally relevant on the music scene in 2015.

You can listen to all of these songs in the playlist below. Enjoy!

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