Let’s Catch Up

Literally speaking, whilst writing this, I’m on the Qantas 36 flying over the southern states of Australia from Singapore to Melbourne, but more on that later. I wanted to talk about my life and where I am at the moment, I wanted to write things down and I wanted to post something on here – because it’s just been too long.

So, well, shit.. it’s been a while. Hasn’t it?

Besides techy blogs & “Monthly Mixtapes” – which I stopped recently due to “life” – I’ve not actually talked about things since discussing my UCAS hell in March. So, on the subject of education, I’ve finished my BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT. I say “finished” like that because I’m actually still waiting for my teacher to mark 2 assignments, despite the deadline for marking being Friday of last week. It’s been an absolute mess!

In my second year I had three teachers. Let’s name them 1, 2 & 3 for privacy’s sake.

Well, 1 has been excellent, work handed out and marked on time, always. Fine. 2 was very behind on marking, but managed to sort this out in the last few weeks so we could finish on time, fine. 3, however, has been awful.

It’s almost as if 3 never had a plan together because work was often given out late and always marked much later. 3 even said that our marking didn’t get done over Easter break because 3 took a “last minute holiday to Spain” instead. Nice one, 3.

Whilst our class should have been completely finished in the first week of June, 3 delayed us for a further 2 weeks. Both of which were very stressful as 3 had to teach new information, give out assignments, help with problems and mark work. There were so many complexities and annoyances which occurred towards the end. Particularly times where I put in a lot of effort but, due to further complexities, I was forced to do a whole new assignment over a weekend which made the original effort completely worthless. A little more organisation on 3’s part would have gone a long way, but it’s all over now.

No, seriously, 3’s retiring.

Provided I’ve passed those last two units though, I have the grades to get into the University of Surrey to study Digital Media Arts, so it was all worth it in the end.

Other Than That

College (and Netflix) has taken up the majority of my time since my last post, but there are a few bits and bobs that have occurred besides those. The biggest news of all is probably that my parents have come home from Singapore (where Dad worked for a year) to live in the UK again.

It was weird at first, no longer having the freedom to walk to the fridge for snacks without clothes… ahem… but I much prefer having them there, even if I am off to uni soon. I don’t think I could have got through that last month of college with housework/cooking to complete. It’s nice to go for a pint with Dad sometimes and have our talks, and it’s nice to be around mum more too- even if she does embarrass me sometimes. I think the distance between us when they were in Singapore has made us closer now – physically and metaphorically.

I’ve voted in my first UK General Election, though I totally changed my political stance since posting that vote off. If anything it was a “strategic vote” – but I’m not gonna play by that rule next time.

I’ve been “out out” in Woking with cousins, Nottingham for my sisters’ birthday and London for “Twitter Drinks”. I also went to the Sunday of Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich – the highlights for me were Clean Bandit, Imagine Dragons & George Ezra. Before getting away I also managed to get “my girls” together for a couple of drinks. It was so nice to see them because social events between us have been limited over the exam period. We’ve got LOTS coming up in August and September to make up for it though.

I’ve also managed to see somebody again, and though I’m growing to accept the distance of uni would be too much of a strain on us both, it’s been nice to feel that again temporarily. But yeah, boys are boys, eh?

So now, as you’ll know if you follow me on social media, I have the wonderful experience of travelling Australia and Asia. I’ve outlined the details in another post, if you’re interested in reading them, along with the details of my summer filming project.