January 2015 | Monthly Mixtape

Here it is, the first Monthly Mixtape, and I’m throwing it back to January so that I can capture a whole year of music and memories. Let’s begin…


First on my list, as it was the first new music I found in 2015, is Flume. That first point of introduction was at a New Years Eve party, quite literally the start of the month. The song Holdin On takes me back to drunkenly celebrating in the New Year with my dearest pals. I later did a little audio research and found a bunch of other great songs from Flume. His music is best played with the volume right up to appreciate the journey that each individual sound is intending to taking you on. Essentially, I think I enjoy Flume’s music because I enjoy going on that journey to get away from the metaphorical and literal silence in my week – living alone in a rural area, I get a lot of it.

“Sound Of A Woman” Album – Kiesza

You may remember I talked about Kiesza being one of 2014’s best new-to-the-mainstream artists in my Top 5 2014 blogs? Earlier this month I took it upon myself to discover her other work, and I wished I’d done it sooner.

The main reason I love this album is because of how easy it is to listen to, rather than having any deep connection to it. The pitch of her voice and her dancing abilities perfectly compliment the fast tempo of her music. The album is particularly great for me when I’m trying to be productive (usually focused on my project) with occasional solo dance outbreaks (we all do it). Though, saying that, there are certain songs which have quite powerful lyrics. Cut Me Loose and Sound Of A Woman are perfect examples.

On the deluxe version of the album there’s a Jack Ü song, which features Kiesza, called “Take Ü There”. It, as with most of Kiesza’s album, is very upbeat and club-oriented, but for me it’s a perfect feel-good driving song. Side note: The video looks at though it’s been made on Snapchat.

“Elastic Heart” – Sia

The first time I heard this song it just sounded good, the lyrics didn’t really do anything for me. Then I saw the video and I tried to make sense of it, but I didn’t know what it meant. Then something happened; one of my best stories of 2014 came to an end. It wasn’t a terrible ending, but it hurt, and it’s a shame that it did end so early into a 2015, when I was so excited about my year ahead. But hey, my skin’s a little thicker now than it already was.

So, because of that happening, I can attach each of the lyrics to different elements of my life, and now I’ve got my own interpretation of the video and I think that was what the choreographers wanted people like myself to do in the first place.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit are something a little different for me, but their music makes me think of life. Though I get the impression that they may be talking of a particular person, the chorus of Stay Gold urges me to ask questions about life in a deeper sense. Essentially, it makes me ask myself, “What if everything I’m hoping for doesn’t work, or isn’t enough, or is too hard?”. I’d like to think I’m very determined about my future due to my passion and what I’ve showed myself I’m able to do previously, but even I have doubts, and this song does a great job of shouting them out in the chorus.

Lastly, though I didn’t add it in the YouTube playlist, I went to see Jessie J for the 4th time in January. This time at Brixton’s O2 Academy. It was particularly special as there was a good atmosphere in the crowd. In fact, it was actually quite emotional. Jessie even went on to her social media accounts to say how she will “never forget the feeling [she] had on stage last night… love!”. Of course, my dearest friend Evie was there with me. I think it was just great that I could shout out all the lyrics (regardless of my singing ability) and just let it all out – Jessie’s music helps me do that, but more on that later….

So, that’s if for January. If you want to check out the whole playlist – it’s here!