I Reached New Heights in 2015

2015 was the year that I pushed negativity aside to make room for wonderful moments. It worked. I’ve reached new heights this year that I’ve never seen before.

My overall happiness in 2015 was very high, whilst January was tough, everything did get a lot better from then on. As you can see in this graph (below), where I’ve rated every month out of 10 based on how good it was for me.


Things were gradually improving as I worked my way out of the winter months. I was aiming for a place at the University of Surrey to study Digital Media Arts. Once I had an offer from Surrey, I simply had to achieve the entry grades at college, which I did (I surpassed them).

Meanwhile, I also posted content to and improved pratters.com (including my popular TechTuesday series), saw Jessie J at the O2 Academy in Brixton, voted in my first general election, welcomed my parents back from Singapore – where they had been living for the past year – and attended Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

After that, I went and spent a large chunk of my summer traveling. I visited Australia (Melbourne, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide, Cairns and Syndey) with my family. Snorkelling over the Great Barrier Reef has to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

After a quick stop in Singapore, I then went traveling around South East Asia with my friend Evie, stopping off at Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok and Siem Reap, before returning to Singapore and then the UK. I blogged about my Asian adventures earlier in the year, and it proved to be my second most popular blog of 2015. These countries are gorgeous and I’ve never felt a rapture as strong as being in them gave me – this is where my happiness graph peaks at 100%!

After that, I set up a website and social media for a local bakery/bistro, 221B, much like I’d done with Pratters – but this time I got some dollar for doing what I enjoy!

I also got to meet some incredible people at various Twitter events over the year. I’ve made some really good friends out of it and I got to go party in Manchester and London with them!

As we get into September, my happiness graph stays at a solid 9 right through until now. That marks my first semester at university. That marks me moving on to bigger things.

Here I’ve met lots of wonderful people, I’ve had lots of new opportunities (like trying an Oculus Rift) and I’ve created a quite a few projects – all of which can be seen on my new portfolio website, jamespratley.com.

Thank you, 2015. You’ve been so good to me. Thank you, readers, for following the Pratters blog this year. Here’s to a wonderful 2016!