February 2015 | Monthly Mixtape

“February? But, James… It’s nearly April?”

I know, I know. This is very late, my apologies!

Here’s some of the best music that made my Feburary.

“Hold Me Down” – Mansionair

I originally found this song on a YouTube video by Kal where he was paragliding in the Alps. What I like about both, his video and the song, is that they’re very gentle. Even when I listen to the song at high volumes, it leaves me in a tranquil mood. I like that.

Jamie XX

Best known as a member of The XX, Jamie XX makes some brilliant sounds himself, as a solo music producer and remix artist. The flow of Jamie XX’s work is gorgeous and I can absolutely get lost in it.

As with most of my favourite music, it’s fantastic for productivity and driving – that’s because when I listen to music I’m usually doing either or both. In February, these fine sounds accompanied me from home in Suffolk, to my Sister in Nottingham, to a University Applicant Day in Leeds, back to Nottingham, to my Grandparents’ house in Surrey and then back to Suffolk.

Spice Girls

A tad different to my previous songs and falling slightly into the clichés, but I have a cassette player in my car which needed some love, so I had to buy some Spice Girls cassettes. Right?

The purchase has caused a multitude of what I like to call “Spice Sessions”, or “Spice Seshes” for short (that’s fun to say). It’s perfect feel-good music for driving and guests especially like this when I’m chauffeuring them to college or just around the general area.

“They Don’t Know” – Disciples

I first noticed this song whilst driving back into Nottingham from Leeds. I then got really into it, so I started listening to it all the time for it’s vibes.

Then, I had an incident. I was loving this song a little too much when I decided that dancing whilst driving would be a good idea. Turns out it wasn’t, as a police car drove past me.

My hands should probably have been on the wheel. Ooops.

Lesson learn: Don’t dance & drive, kids.

“Pray To God” – Calvin Harris Feat. Haim

I first heard this song driving home after a meal at the Thai Terrace in Guildford. It then became one of my driving songs whilst returning to Suffolk. The lyrics made me reflect on some personal things; “I can’t stop wondering if I was too late to see the signs“, however I feel that the fast pace of the song makes it upbeat overall and therefore I started to not care so much and because of that I was happier.

“Distant Past” – Everything Everything

I loved Everything Everything’s earlier albums, especially “Arc”, and I really enjoyed seeing them live twice in 2013, so when I heard they were making new music this year I was pretty excited.

I haven’t been let down either. This is definety the same Everything Everything I used to love, I can tell from the way they’ve used the guitar, drums and the lead singers voice. Their unique style is at the heart of this song, but it goes on to add some modern electronic sounds and autotunes which ensures their music isn’t all samey. I like what they’ve done here and I’m excited to see more!

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