Europe’s Huge Disadvantage | TechTuesday

I’m a huge tech enthusiast, eager to get my hands on the latest gadgets & I’m a European resident. Those two facts just don’t cooperate nicely.

Europe is responsible for some pretty remarkable technology. The UK alone is responsible for television, telephone and the World Wide Web. It’s fair to say our innovations have had a gigantic influence on the world. We have all manner of awesome companies & startups too including SoundCloud, Shazam & ASOS.

But, as European residents, we have a problem. Our tech companies aren’t quite equal with the big, influential giants of consumer technology and services in America and Asia; which dominate our western world.

Those American companies include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, HP, Intel, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay & Netflix (to name a few). As for Asia, they hold Samsung (the biggest tech company in the world), LG, Toshiba, Sony & Panasonic.

As for Europe, well, we have Spotify…

We had some others, but “the giants” swooped in and took those.

The problem this causes us Europeans is that we often come second or third when these companies launch, or run betas for, new products and services. New devices? Apple Pay? Google Wallet? PlayStation Now & Vue? Amazon’s Hour Deliveries? Yup, we’ll have to wait.

It’s perfectly logical why this happens. Europe is an unattractive market because, though bigger than North America in its totality, it’s a bunch of tiny markets. Each of these tiny markets have their own laws and currencies too, so the administration required is often higher in order to get less sales in each area.

My guess is that this contributes to the higher prices this side of the pond, as well.

So, I’ll keep waiting for these products and services, wondering how long they’ll take to get here, if they even get here at all.

By MPD01605 [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons