Reasons I Haven’t ‘Vlogged’ since May…

Hi. If you’re subscribed to me on YouTube then you probably noticed (or didn’t notice, as the case may be) that I disappeared. I genuinely haven’t made a video since the 8th of May 2014 (let’s just ignore that awkward ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? I didn’t even edit it!).  I’m sorry, but there’s a few reasons and I think I need to get them off my chest. So here we go…

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James Pratters 2.0

James Pratters 2.0 is a new project I’ve been working on as an extension to my YouTube channel. I stopped making YouTube “vlogs” in May for various reasons (which I’ll explain in a later blog post), and I have been wanting to make something new since August. I thought to myself that it’s been so long since I made a video that it would be appropriate to have a “rebranding” of my channel and my online persona-  hence James Pratters 2.0. It’s like an update (nifty, eh?).

For more details on what the project consists of, please visit my About page. As for this blog, I just wanted to give an introduction and explain a few things to my potential audience.

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