Awful Adobe Customer Experience

Adobe Portfolio is a new service from Adobe that allows your to create a portfolio website of all your work.

I started an online chat with Adobe customer support to ask some very simple questions about this new service. During the chat I was redirected multiple times between different teams, who could apparently answer my questions better. I thought we’d passed those days?

It eventually became apparent that none of the support team were even aware of the Adobe Portfolio product existing. I had to send them a link: . Instead, they were talking about making portfolios in Acrobat DC and through Behance’s ProSite.

My questions were never answered, but through my own research I learnt that Adobe Portfolio has not yet launched. I find this concerning, seeing as it’s listed as a feature for all of the Adobe CC price plans. There’s not even a launch date yet!

I do not understand why both Adobe Portfolio and Behance ProSite exist if they are, to my understanding, the same product essentially? This is very confusing for customers.

People pay a lot of money for Adobe products and I simply do not understand how service can be so poor from, what I used to think of as, a highly respectable company.