Australia, Asia & My Summer Project

If you follow me on social media I’m sure you’re very much aware that I’m travelling, but I’m going to a lot of places, experiencing a lot of new things and doing so with a few different people. So, I thought I’d lay down the plans here, if you’re interested.

Part 1: Australia & Singapore with the family

On Friday 19th June I got an overnight flight from Heathrow to Singapore with my mum and sister, Roxy. We met my dad, who flew the day before, at the hotel and stayed for one night. We routed through Singapore primarily because my parents were supposedly still going to be living there at this time, however they did actually move back in April. Stopping over in Singapore also broke the flight time in to manageable chunks.

The next day we were back to the airport to fly off to Melbourne, Australia – a new city, new country and entirely new continent for me. We arrived in Melbourne early on the 22nd June and will stay for 2 nights. I’m currently in Melbourne, at the time of writing this.

We’re then catching an early morning flight to Adelaide, picking up a hire car, driving/ferrying over to Kangaroo Island and staying there for 3 nights. Then returning to Adelaide for 1 night.

After that, we are catching a flight to Cairns. We’re staying in Cairns for 3 nights and, of course, we’re going to see the Great Barrier Reef on one of those days. This is probably one of the most exciting experiences I’ll have this summer – I’m REALLY looking forward to it.

On the 1st July we fly down to Sydney, staying for 4 nights, before heading back to Singapore.

Mum will fly home the next day but Roxy, Dad and myself are staying until the 10th – on this day Roxy and Dad fly home to the UK.

Part 2: Asia with Evie

On the 9th July my friend, Evie, flies in to stay with Roxy, Dad and myself in Singapore for one night. Then, Evie and I will get up to the top of Singapore and catch a train across to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We’ll stop here for dinner, then get the overnight sleeper train to Kuala Lumpur.

We’re in Kuala Lumpur for 6 nights, staying in Bukit Bintang. I expect we’ll take some day trips out of the city. I particularly want to see the Batu Caves.

On the 17th July we’ll catch a flight from KL to Georgetown, Penang and then a taxi up to the north of the island – where the beaches resorts are. We’ve got 3 nights there.

We’re on an evening flight to Bangkok, Thailand on the 21st July – staying in the Sukhumvit area for 5 nights. On one of these days we’re heading over to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, where we’ll be able to feed, wash and walk elephants. This is likely to match seeing the Great Barrier Reef on my list of exciting experiences this summer! We’re also hoping to head out of the city to see the floating markets.

On the 26th July we’re getting another flight over to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where we will stay for 4 nights. Here we’ll be able to see the spectacular Angkor temples.

Then, we’ll hop on another flight back to Singapore. We’ll stay there for 1 night before our evening flight home to the UK on the 31st July – bringing us in to Heathrow at about 5am on the 1st August.

Summer Project

I’ve set myself a task, whilst travelling for 6 weeks, to make videos for each country I visit. That’s 5 videos in total!

I’m filming with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver – which is a brilliant piece of kit – and occasionally my phone, like a true amateur.

I intend to use August to edit everything and then I’ll upload it all to my YouTube channel.

It’s already turning out to be a lot of fun (the time-lapse feature on my GoPro is my absolute favourite) and it’s a great way to share these amazing places with, well, everyone.

I’m incredibly excited to experience the cultures, learn about the locations, taste the foods, see the wildlife and surround myself in the bustling metropolises. Travelling the world is right at the top of my to-do list in life and this is my way of saying “Look, this place exists and it’s stunning”.

So, follow me on Twitter (@JamesPratters) for pictures and commentary of my travels, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what I get up to in these amazing countries. I look forward to sharing this part of the world with you.

Melbourne VIC, Australia