5 Things I’m Grateful For This Christmas

Merry Christmas, readers! I thought it would be nice to write a little Christmas blog to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to reflect on a few things I’m grateful for over the Christmas break.


I’m so happy that the family is all back in one place again. It means more to me in 2015, than it has ever meant before. With my parents in Singapore for the first few months of the year, my sister up near Derby and me down in Guildford at university – I’m just happy that we can all be back together, in the same place for the festivities.

Glorious, Wonderful Food

I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated tasty, nutritious food as much as I do now. After having to take care of myself at university on a budget, it’s absolutely glorious to come home to Mum’s wonderful cooked meals, especially when there are multiple feasts over the holidays.

My Dearest Friends

I’ve never really liked Suffolk, but credit where it’s due, here I surrounded myself with the loveliest group of friends. I’m so happy to be back spending time with my dearests.

The Dog

I don’t need to even explain this one. Cuddles with the dog are the best. I’ve missed my Lucy!

Time For Myself

I’ve never been as busy before as I have this year, especially with university. Studying, socialising and those everyday tasks really do take up all of my time. It’s wonderful to have some time to Netflix and Chill (alone) and time to focus on a few personal projects of mine – more on that in the upcoming days.

Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful day everyone! May it be filled with food, family and Mariah Carey.