2015 Has the Potential to be Incredible

It’s been 3 weeks now, and that slow, tedious January didn’t happen this year. I mean, January totally happened – but not in it’s usual fashion. It started with… oh wait, it started with somewhat of a hangover and a lack of sleep. Never mind. It continued with a lot of productivity; in terms of college work and university-related “things”. I’ve also got round to cooking some actual meals for myself, trying out some new music and tv, building my portfolio and, of course, keeping in contact with the people around me that paint my canvas – that let me do what I’m doing. Besides the continued heavy workload, I’m happy and I’m healthy. I believe 2015 will continue in this fashion. Let’s talk about that…

I’m looking forward to all kinds of things this year; I really mean it when I say 2015 has potential to be the best year I’ve lived so far, despite the cliché. Before I jump into my upcoming activities, I want to talk about the general things 2015 holds for media, technology and the like.

Tech, Movies & Music

I always look forward to upcoming technology – that’s a given. Possibly the most exciting thing about that is that we don’t always know what’s coming, especially with the amount of small start-ups taking off (just look how well Snapchat took off). I’m excited to get a few new features and improvements when Google and Apple upgrade Android and OS X, respectively. I could (will) write a whole blog about what I look forward to from Google this year. I’m excited for wireless charging, contactless payments and 4G technologies to push their way further into becoming reality, not to mention the huge buy-outs in the tech industry that happen every year which sees new partnerships and improved products – in my case the possible Three & O2 network merge (O3?) is particularly interesting.

In terms of films, there’s Insidious: Chapter 3, Sinister 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2, Chappie, Pitch Perfect 2 & Ted 2 – to name a few that I am looking forward to seeing.

Musically, I’m not sure. I like finding new sounds as the months pass, but if Wikipedia is anything to go by we can expect new music from Gwen Stefani, Emeli Sandé, Marina & The Diamonds and Imagine Dragons – all artists I’ve loved in the past and therefore have high hopes for.

Things I’m Doing

Then, there’s all the things I have planned this year; from seeing Jessie J at Brixton Academy next week to finishing my college course and driving a supercar to simply spending time with my friends (and making new ones). I’ve got a lot coming up this year.

I’m really going wild with activities. I’ve already mentioned that I’m going to be driving a supercar at some point (my Christmas present from Sam), I’m hoping to get down to Thorpe Park again and go out clubbing more. In the summer I’m going off traveling. As my parents are in Singapore for business until 2016 and we can break up the flight time, my family figured it was finally the year to do Australia. Just after that, I’m planning to stay in Singapore for 3 weeks at my parent’s place and my friend, Evie, is coming to join me. We’ve planned everything; shopping, extreme adrenaline activities, dining, sightseeing, museums – all sorts. Later in the summer I’m also hoping to have a party for my old school friends before we all go our separate ways with life. Yes, I will cry. Oh, and if I could maybe fit in something for charity at some point, that would be great.

I want to get creative with my content really soon. I love vlogging, but I want to do something else as well. I’ve been planning a few bits recently; including a horror short-short film, a collaboration of international proportions and something to play with my viewers emotions. I’ve recently been doing my research into cameras, I’m hoping to get a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. This will give me the ability to get some creative shots, in a fantastic quality. I think it will encourage me to try new things. Who knows, maybe I’ll even give green screens, stop motion or time-lapse a go this year? Plus, all the activities I mentioned previously, I’m planning to capture those moments with my GoPro. Expect some travel videos this summer, I’ve been looking forward to those for months now; July couldn’t come sooner.

2015, like 2014, will continue to be a year of change and perhaps the most daunting change is university. I’ve applied to study digital media, but at this point I don’t know where I will end up and I don’t want to speak of it all publicly until I’ve received my replies, but I know that I will be away from “home” and it will be an adventure for me. I’m very enthusiastic about improving my digital media skills and producing incredible things – being part of a community working on a type of product that potentially doesn’t even exist quite yet. Just the idea of that has me thrilled.

Come 2016, I’ll be 19 years old and have completed half of my first year of university. I’ll be a different man and I hope I will have accomplished many things, but I couldn’t do that without the wonderful people I have around me. I wish everyone all the best for this year and encourage you to look forward everything it holds (especially if you’re feeling those January blues). Here’s to adventure, guys!